Haiku or also known by the names Open BeOS is an operating system created by BeOS. BeOS is an operating system that has a robust architecture made by Be Inc., in contrast to other operating systems that are based on hardware that existed at that time BeOS made to work on modern hardware (BeBOX) so that BeOS is not too well known. BeOS project now terminated for failing to commercialize itself. BeOS is an operating system that runs on the PowerPC architecture, but at the end of the old BeOS has been successfully ported to the X86 platform and Haiku is a project that is truly new and does not have the linkage source code with BeOS, Haiku is one open source project. HAIKU still under praAlpha so as to run needed applications such as QEMU or Vmware Virtual. Haiku is developed by a community of volunteer developers from around the world. Additionally, Haiku also exists thanks to the support of a dedicated community that sincerely. Haiku Inc., a nonprofit organization founded by Michael Phipps.

-Arsitektur Strong for multimedia
-Support multiprocessor
-Support 64 journaling file system.
The main -Fokus on Personal Computer
-Kernel Designed to be more responsive / responsive
-Fully Designed for high efficiency with support for multi-processor / core
-Diperkaya With OO API for rapid development.
-Database, Such as File System (OpenBFS) with the support of indexed Metadata
-Integrated, As well as inter-connected interface

-Can only be used on modern hardware (BeBOX)
-To run needed applications such as QEMU or Vmware Virtual

Maybe it was a bit of Haiku OS, each OS must have advantages and disadvantages of each, apologize if there are errors or differences of opinion and sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. Thank you...


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