Download the Best and Most Complete Offline Dictionary English and Indonesian for PC / Laptop Free and to translate sentences, dictionary below is the English language dictionary you may require, please try to see and try.- Translating term word

1. IndoDic E-dictionary

IndoDic E-Dictionary is an electronic dictionary and translate key that uses a translation from the dictionary TruAlfa Indonesian and English without an internet connection alias offline. Can correct spelling errors and suggest spelling / word is correct, there is audio that can be used to determine the pronunciation of the English term, and there are examples of sentences as well as an explanation of a word / term English language that you want to search.

2. Kamus 2.04

Dictionary 2.0.4 This one is a software that translate very small file size 2MB, install easily in carry, and the views from the advantages dictionary software 2.0.4 no longer need to use an internet connection to translate. indeed this software can not be compared with a dictionary application that ukurann greater.

Download: Kamus 2.04

3. SatuVISI Indict di SourceForge ( Dictionary of English Indict )

Learning English can not leave an important tool or device named dictionary of English. seeking a new vocabulary or the meaning of a word quickly so easily if there is a dictionary. If you are learning English or are reading articles on the internet or computers that speak English then a digital dictionary is an important aid.

-Translating terms sentence

1. Transtool 10.0

This dictionary is very user friendly so that the new ones have this application can easily use. Speed ​​and accuracy in translating a sentence in the English language better than the previous version as well as a built-in grammar.
Download: Transtool 10.0

2. Portable Indopreter Pro

Indopreter application can translate languages ​​in addition to, but also can work in Microsoft Excel and HTML as well as onshore print (print) the translation has been done.

Download: Portable Indopreter Pro

that some English language dictionaries - indonesi language that you can download. Thank you for visiting.


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