sorry if this blog, there are a lot of mistakes on English grammar in this blog, because I am not from the English or American, and not mastering the English language, I'm just learning uses the English language.

okay, introduce 4 SmartSoft blog, this blog is the place to download and share free software, and a little give you tips and tricks in technology. other than that, this blog aims so that we can be aware of copyright, so no more people are pirating software.

I am here only mean that we will all use the official application, instead of pirated applications. do not mean to patronize, just want to share, that's the main purpose of this blog.

Who does not know the computer, it can be said everyone knew him, and what software you are using? or OS do you use? whether the original software? or pirated results? then what is it kosher?

There are so many types of software that can be used to support the activities of our day - the day of the free until paid, from the original to the pirated.

Okay, talk about pirated software, this time I wanted to share a little story about why I stopped using pirated software.

as time went on I realized that if it turns out the use of pirated software is a thing that is not supposed to do.

Since then I gradually tried to leave the pirated software. It first tried to be very difficult because it already has a dependency with these softwares. But thanks to the strong intention Thank God I can do it.

Reason to stop using pirated software:

Using pirated software is a steal

This one should have everyone already knows that using pirated software is the same as stealing.

If I use my computer for activities that are not important and only for a mere fad I probably will not matter if the software that I use pirated or not. but if for the money, if money we make it kosher?

Another reason is because I do not want to follow the custom of people using pirated software, I would like to be different.

It is undeniable that the use of pirated software can already be regarded as a natural thing for most people of Indonesia. Not surprisingly, Indonesia has become one of the countries with the highest number of users of pirated software.

What yes we should follow the custom of people simply because it is already considered normal? If the habit is a good habit is not a problem, but did steal it good?
Unappreciated It feels painful !!!

Well that about some of the reasons that made me decide to stop using pirated software.
Tips to stop using pirated software

Once at the top of my list reasons why I stopped using pirated software, below I will share a few tips for my friend who might want to follow what I have done.
The important thing intentions

The first thing that is most important is the intention. If we already have the intention then I'm sure the road that will go through in the future going to be easier.
Start a piecemeal

If my friend wants to stop using pirated software then there must be a way of uninstalling all existing software on the computer buddy. Because of the way in my opinion is not effective.

Start slowly. Uninstall pirated software that is not really needed in advance.
Use Open Source Software

While still using pirated software, try to look for alternative software is Open Source. Most open source software is free alias does not need to buy.

Buy original software will never lose

Most of the reasons people use pirated software because the price is expensive. And if we want to spend money to buy original software we have nothing to lose, just the opposite. The high cost of software - software that is comparable to the benefits that we can get. Do not be arrogant to only want the benefits only.

Buy software really become a major requirement in advance. Usually the most common is the Windows Operating System.

Want to use pirated or not of course it all depends on pripadi respectively. Here I do not force my friend to stop using pirated software. But of course I would be happy if any of my friend who want to follow what I have done.

More or less I apologize. Easy - I hope there are benefits that can be drawn from this post. Thank you.


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"sorry if there are errors in the writing of the author of this article, be it about the mistakes in English grammar, as well as about the truth of the article, because I'm learning to write in English. Thank you for reading this article"