Why use Adf.ly ???

Adfly is one of the popular sites Shortner URL. Besides being able to shorten the URL of a blog or website, adfly also provide payment for its users. This fee is given when there are people who enter the URL of the page of a blog page that has been shortened using adfly. We can use adfly as one of the media to get money from the internet because it is practical and easy to use even though the pay is very small.

We'll get paid varied according to the location of adfly state visitors who visit our adfly URL. Adfly provide the highest paid for visitors who came from England, America, and Canada. If the majority of visitors come from Indonesia, payment we will receive very little.

Payments made adfly when the amount of income we have reached US $ 5 or more in the previous month roughly 10000 clicking. Adfly will make payments automatically on a specified date periodically through the medium of an online account like PayPal, Payoneer, and Liberty Reserve.

that's why I use adf.ly because it will make a little money, so at least you will help me in developing my blog. but sorry if it makes you difficulty in doing the downloading.

okay if you do not know how to download it please see the information below:

1. Once you click on a link adf.ly then it will appear as shown above. then you wait until the time above is completed, so that will be a seerti SKIP AD button below.

2. After the SKIP AD button has appeared, then click the button. it would appear The file storage sites such as Google Drive, Indowebster, 4shared and many others. then follow the instructions where you downloaded the file.

Thank you, I hope can help you.

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