All this is the work of sites that provide services to Shrink URL (shorten URL), Indeed such circumstances it is not my intention to force the visitors to my blog to see an advertisement, but the state is what I use to earn income on the internet. to restore the working capital in blogs and develop a blog, though only slightly, but produces.

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Okay if you do not know how to download a file or files through then please see how below:

1. Once you click on a link it will appear as shown above. then you wait until the time above is completed, remember as I said before usually these sites will require us to download applications that do not want to download REMEMBER IGNORE any posts at the center, stay focused on the image or the button in the top corner shows the timing for 5 seconds then you will see a button SKIP AD as shown above.

2. After the SKIP AD button has appeared, then click the button. it would appear The file storage sites such as Google Drive, Indowebster, 4shared and many others. then follow the instructions where you downloaded the file.

Thank you, hope to help you.

source: and www.

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