You Know It's definitely one of the biggest companies in the world which one is right ??? GOOGLE well. well this company has now provided an online storage service, so you do not have to bother - bother bringing flasdisk or sebaginya, enough with google drive, whenever and wherever you need a file or your file, you can pick it up.

Google Drive is Google's online storage service which was launched on 24 April 2012. This service is an extension of Google Docs and will replace the URL with once activated.

Google Drive provide 5 GB of free storage in the year 2012, but for now Google Drive have extended up to 15 GB of storage quota and can be added to certain payments.
With the same excellent features as Dropbox, namely data synchronization through a special folder on the desktop or better known as the Desktop Sync Clients. Google Drive provides free capacity of 15 GB and of course features integrated with other Google services such as Gmail, G + and Google Search. Features that can be underlined from Google Drive is the API's for the Developer. Until now, Google Drive has been linked to dozens of third-party applications.
still many other advantages to google this drive, but that certainly storage medi palint reliable and safest in the world in my opinion is google drive.
This sebeabnya I prefer to use storage media such as Google Drive, in addition to the free storage is quite large and we save files are not deleted even if you've never downloaded, which will be different from 4shared automatically deleted when it has downloaded. To register simply create a google account or create email.
If you have difficulty in doing the downloading please refer to my explanation below.
1. After you view the first entry of Google Drive, or a file that you download please see an arrow down, usually located dipaling above, and it says Download. as shown below.

2. See the picture above, there is the arrow that leads down, that's the button to download the file.

3. Or usually if it appears as below then you just click Post Download.

that's all that I can say, maybe I did not explain in detail, a little picture of my name, I'm sure you could a little help please download as much. thank you for visiting.

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