according to my search results in Google: Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) native started as part of the modification of the AT & T Unix Software, before it developed into an independent project. Unfortunately, AT & T still holds the license for UNIX, contrary to the Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDI) who claim that the Berkeley Software Distribution also includes source code for AT & T. This case was brought to court, and the result is Bill Jolitz authorized to take part of the software that is not AT & T and return it free of UNIX. This is the beginning of the birth of modern BSD.

Other BSD there are various kinds of
1. BSD FreeBSD is the most popular, but it is not BSD only. BSD 4.4-Lite spawned several projects that have a purpose and focus of its own.
2. NetBSD similar to FreeBSD in various aspects. Both of these projects share source code and developer. NetBSD main goal is to make the OS can be ported to a variety of hardware platforms. For example, NetBSD can run on VAXes, PocketPC, Alpha server, also Compaq iPaq. In fact it can run on hardware that does not exist (yet to be launched). NetBSD source code is freely given, just like its predecessor, FreeBSD.
3. OpenBSD is a fork of NetBSD since 1996, the main goal is to create the most secure OS BSD. OpenBSD is a BSD first to support hardware-accelerated cryptography (allows to download encrypt and decrypt information in a short time), the developer is very proud of the fact, the default installation of OpenBSD can not be hacked for 4 years !! The OpenBSD mania has upgraded the entire code audits OpenBSD, fix security holes that may diexploitasi. However, in terms of user-friendly, OpenBSD does not like FreeBSD.
4. BSD / OS produced by Wind River Systems, he was a commercial OS and closed-source that resembles FreeBSD. Some manufactures hardware does not release the hardware specifications without nondisclosure agreements, so that developers can not create device drivers for proprietary hardware. BSD / OS supports this kind of hardware. Important parts of BSD / OS is available for FreeBSD committers, and FreeBSD absorb damage repairs nondisclosure agreements.
Advantages of BSD:
1. Characteristically opensource although BDS / OS are paid.
2. Having a third-party software system that provides easy means for the user to add or remove applications.
3. Secure, powerful, supports patches and updates, along with a port and package for easy install other software, along with a firewall, and no team that will always develop the OS.
4. The system is stable for a database, server Internet, intranet, fill-server, intranet client, java development.
5. be able to run very well on a computer-computer today.
6. do not require sophisticated processor and RAM so great just to be able to take advantage of its user interface.
7. Management software simple
8. automate and document the problems install, uninstall and configuration process for a variety of software package.
9. The process of upgrading the optimal and which is simple to make an optimal operating system for hardware and applications.
10. File system it resistant to damage and write and read files with very, very fast.
11. Virus / Spyware who attacked a little
12. Many applications and programs terserdia free
13. Relatively easy to be customized freely
Disadvantages of BSD:
1. can not be used on micro karnal the IBM PC.
2. Does not support ISA-plug-and-ply-card.
3. The small base of developers and users are looking for bugs / weaknesses of the program.
4. Unclear future for the database server and desktop operating systems
5. Relatively difficult to use, because it is still in the text base clicking the command.
Compared to Windows, GUI on BSD is still lacking.
6. For the gamers, the game is very little operating system.
7. Users are very few
Maybe it's a little bit about BDS, each OS must have advantages and disadvantages of each, sorry if there are errors or differences of opinion and sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. thank you.


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