According to wiki; Mac OS is an abbreviation of the Macintosh Operating System. Mac OS is a computer operating system created by Apple Computer specifically for Macintosh computers and is not compatible with the IBM-based PC. Introduced in 1984, the Mac OS since 2006 has had compatibility with PowerPC and x86 architecture (Source: Wikipedia)

Excess of MAC OS:
1. "Time Machine", an application that serves to back up system and data changes automatically
2. "Sherlock", an application that can find data disk, LAN networks and the Internet in the keyword
3. It is difficult to viruses, malware, and spyware
4. Display more glossy and elegant, suitable for design / multimedia
5. Shutdown very fast. time to shutdown only takes 3-4 seconds.
6. Get to know the file format of the windows
7. More stable because it uses UNIX
8. Get to know the file format of the windows.
9. Documents created in Mac OS can read in another, and vice versa. Both the format of 'generic' (eg pdf, html, mp3, text) as well as the specific format (eg, .doc, .xls, .ppt). Provided that no application program (application) on both platforms (Mac and Windows) that can read the format.
10. Open the source code so that the Mac OS is difficult to plow.
11. Operating System Mac is easy to use and easy to learn. Because the source is unclear, its training center there, and generally when people are faced with the Mac OS is easy to learn.
12. Mac has certainty and clear hardware support.
13. High Performance, Especially on Mac OS X - the latest Intel processors and other best innovation, the Mac can do all the things that can only be done Mac - with amazing speed.
14. User-friendly, with a very attractive GUI, make the Mac OS as one of the OS that is much in demand, especially by graphic designers and for those new to learn computer.

Disadvantages of MAC OS:

1. Expensive, this product is devoted to the upper middle class.
2. Not suitable for games and server applications
3. More suitable for graphic design
4. Mac OS can not be used together other operating systems that do not use a Mac OS system.
5. Mac OS can not be assembled because Apple has not given license for other companies to make hardware that can use the Mac OS.
6. Software in Mac OS is not so complete, Effect of dominance of Microsoft Windows over the years to create a user is already very common and are reluctant to adapt to the latest OS. The same rationale also be a reason for the abundance of the latest applications with system requirements of Windows.

Maybe it's a bit of MAC OS, each OS must have advantages and disadvantages of each, sorry if there are mistakes or dissent. thank you.


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