For those who like to play the COC's time you make your COC is always active in a way Tutorial How to Quickly and Easily Create Clash of Clans (COC) Always Online While Not Played Auto Reload (Without Root Android)

What is the advantage to always be online? By making Clash of Clans (COC) is always online, the village you will always be safe from attack another village. And this of course, Gold, Elixr and Dark Elixr you collect will remain intact even if you live to work or play, so you can still relax.

How that is done is by using an application Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader. but do not worry this application free banned because it does not modify the data in the game coc, this application just reload the game clash of clans after a few minutes by itself. and of course the enemy will not be able to attack because our village is always online. and pastinnya this application can be used without clicking your android root, if your phone is already in your root can mengguanakan "HiroMacro", but this time I am not going to discuss about "HiroMacro", if you wish to use "HiroMacro"please come here. but if you are not at the root android then you should use the Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader.

just okay here I am using CoC Auto Reloader.

Features Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader
Does not require root access
No need to buy Shield with gem
The village will always be safe (online) throughout the night
Do not modify the game data (hack) so it is safe from banned
Perform Reload game every few minutes coc
The enemy can not attack as long as the application is enabled

The trick to use is as follows

You Must Have application Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader if you do not have it, then please download below:

 >>>  Download Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader  <<<

Install As usual apk install android application
Launch Application Clash Of Clans Auto Reloader then click start

After the game clash of clans will open its own premises.

Now the village you will be always online and secure during this application on the run.
To quit the application please click on the "Tap Here To Change" and then click "Stop".

Okay, maybe it's that I can share may help you to play Clash of Clans, thank you for visiting.


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